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Finding my Voice
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Silent for so long...yet if I listen closely I can hear the story, hear the songs...
I went through abuse for many years while growing up, but that's not what this site's about. This is more of an experimentaion in finding out who I am and knowing that I'm more than the past. I'm starting over,
right here and right now.

listen up

My positive points...
I am thoughtful, caring, creative, have a great sense of humor and
I love animals.
I have a terrible singing voice but I love to sing,
I think that life can be very funny,
I always look for the rainbow after a storm,
I like to listen to others,
I am overcoming adversity...I think.
Going in so many directions,
 I realize sometimes I take myself way too seriously...
and I don't want to keep going down that highway to hell.


I think that we all have something important to say,
no matter what we may have been told. So if anyone wants to jump
in feel free to do so. Talk about what makes you special, what are
your hopes and dreams, things that make you unique, etc.
Please remember to show self respect and respect for others
who may read this page.
So go ahead....speak up!


name or alias
Email address:
your story (keep it clean)

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